Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Meditation on the Graveyards on the North

We're delighted that acclaimed blues musician Charlie Parr has written the foreword to our forthcoming “Midwest” photo book by Tom Cops.

Here's a brief extract:

"It's called The Big Empty up there, the northwest corner of Minnesota, and it's mostly true, but it's a beautiful landscape of pine forests, giving way to farms and little towns set in the prairies vastness....We played a show south of Livingston, at a hot springs saloon and had a good soak. Our B&B was located on land that had been the stronghold of a radical militia separatist reactionary right-wing Christian group.

Tom and I found a hill with an icon at the top, Mary I think, tall and laden with plastic flowers, surrounded by a couple park benches and a ring of little crosses. Tom photographed the place. I sat wondering what was buried underneath that hill, slightly scared of the place. The whole compound seemed a graveyard, but Mary wasn't the epicentre, the ominous gray pill-box that housed the machine gun was the marker that drew you in. "

The book will be launched on 27th October with an exhibition at the Here Gallery in Bristol, and also coincides with a two night residency from Charlie Parr at nearby Cube Microplex on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November.
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