Friday, 1 March 2013

Sarah Andreacchio

Our final new range for this spring is a vibrant series of  'Animal Habitat' cards by Sarah Andreacchio

Currently living in Rouen, France, Sarah's designs are full of joyful animals and plants. She experiments with various techniques including gouache, papercut collages, and computer based illustration. These are brought to life with unusual palette choices and large blocks of colour, producing beautifully simple, exuberant results.

Sarah also writes a blog called ‘My Vintage Avenue‘ devoted to children's book illustration of the 1950s, which is where we first encountered her. The work of artists from that era such as Abner Graboff, Stig Lindberg, Miroslav Sasek and many others have all influenced her style.

If you are interested in seeing more of Sarah's work, and to buy prints or original artwork by Sarah, head on over to her website:

Alyssa Nassner

Our second new range for this season, is by Alyssa Nassner

A surface designer and illustrator from Baltimore, Alyssa's illustration style is inspired by vintage botanical prints, science, nature, and hand rendered typography. Alyssa strives to keep her work playful and fun, aiming to brighten someone's day, by adding a bit of colour to their home.

Alyssa is an active contributor to the worldwide illustation community online, co-running the collaborative blog 'Ten Paces and Draw'. As a career that often results in working alone from home, or spending late nights in a studio, the project encourages artists to share and interact, creating new work in the process.

To celebrate the launch, Alyssa is offering a special discount on purchases of prints from her online store.
For more details visit: 

Osian Efnisien

We are launching three new card ranges for Spring 2013.
First up, and appropriately enough for St David's Day, we have eight cards by Welsh artist Osian Efnisien.

Brought up in the isolated mountains of Snowdonia, North Wales, Osian would spend the dark winter months indoors watching cartoons, playing Super Mario Cart, and drawing.

Influenced by the 'Superflat' culture of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, his work has progressed from street art ad campaigns for fictitious brands, to solo gallery shows exploring two dimensional character variations, and geometric patterns.

Osian's work featured in the latest Pictoplasma Book, and he will be speaking at the Pictoplasma Character Conference in Berlin this April, alongside Jon Burgerman, and Feltmistress.

Here he is being interviewed about his practice, for a Welsh news channel.

If however, you're not fluent in Welsh, you can find out more by visiting Osian's website:

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