Friday, 1 March 2013

Osian Efnisien

We are launching three new card ranges for Spring 2013.
First up, and appropriately enough for St David's Day, we have eight cards by Welsh artist Osian Efnisien.

Brought up in the isolated mountains of Snowdonia, North Wales, Osian would spend the dark winter months indoors watching cartoons, playing Super Mario Cart, and drawing.

Influenced by the 'Superflat' culture of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, his work has progressed from street art ad campaigns for fictitious brands, to solo gallery shows exploring two dimensional character variations, and geometric patterns.

Osian's work featured in the latest Pictoplasma Book, and he will be speaking at the Pictoplasma Character Conference in Berlin this April, alongside Jon Burgerman, and Feltmistress.

Here he is being interviewed about his practice, for a Welsh news channel.

If however, you're not fluent in Welsh, you can find out more by visiting Osian's website:

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